Kojima Station Episode 8 (ENGLISH + TPP Footage!!!)

Above is the English version of the latest episode of Kojima Station. Sean Eyestone, Ken Mendoza, and Ludvig Forssell were actually having a lot of technical difficulties during the live stream that I was watching so this is their shortened edited version, cutting out the first 15 or so minutes of video cuts. In this episode they also discuss the journey the MGS franchise has had over its 25 years and go into the scale comparison of The Phantom Pain map size versus all the previous MGS games put together. Fast forwarding to 20:50 will get you to the same minute and a half’s worth of TPP gameplay that was shown in the Japanese episode. This is virtually the same gameplay sequence, showing the return of the BOX and the few techniques that players can do while it is equipped.

For the Japanese episode you can jump in here.


Kojima Station Episode 10 (JAPANESE + TPP Footage!!!)


Hey folks I know I haven’t been on for a good while. It’s always that kind of way about this thing we call Life. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t kept up on the MGS goodies. At this point those who follow up on MGS news as much as I do probably consumed quite a bit of info in the last few months. Since E3 is coming next week the info has been coming at a steadier pace.

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Kojima Station – Episode 05 with Robin Atkin Downes

Kojima Station – Episode 05 with Robin Atkin Downes

This latest episode has Kazuhira Miller voice actor himself, Robin Atkin Downes. The intro is pretty funny, actually had me cracking up hard for a few moments! It’s always interesting for me to see the actual actors themselves outside of the characters they play, then to Hear them speak in the character’s voice is a bit disarming, and highly entertaining at the same time. For the Japanese episode (episode 6) with Kojima and Shinkawa, Watch here. Anyways, enjoy.

Kojima Productions Presents

Seems Hideo Kojima is crossing media again. Hot on the heels of the MGSV: Ground Zeroes launch, Hideo has also launched his own channel of sorts. From video games, talks of a Metal Gear movie, and now he’s bringing to us his own talk show. Dubbed “KOJIMA STATION”, the first episode has become available on the Konami Japan site and is available in English and Japanese. Since I totally suck at understanding a lick of Japanese, I’ve supplied the English version above. You can also check out the website in my source link below. However, if you ARE fluent in Japanese, or just prefer listening to the dialect, the link to that version can be found here. One interesting thing to note between both versions is that the English version is just about 45 minutes, whereas the Japanese dub is a few minutes past an hour and a half.

Source: Kojima Station



Whether or not any of you readers watched the superbowl yesterday (i don’t care for it personally), there were a slew of tv spots as usual, as with every year. One of them stood out and was actually the only thing worth watching about the superbowl at all, well aside from the Bruno Mars section, which may I say was awesome.

Guys and gals, JACK IS BACK!!! Kiefer Sutherland will reprise his role as hard nosed Counter Terrorists specialist Naked Snake Jack Bauer in the 9th long awaited season of 24. Also making a return is Mary Lynn Rajskub aka Chloe O’Brien. Here are the two tv spots which aired yesterday:

Pistol Teaser

Street Chaos

24: Live Another Day airs May 5th 2014

Can I get a