MC Frontalot – I’ll Form The Head

Just an other random find on the Internetz, but it’s a pretty interesting take on the 80’s toon Voltron from a group called MC Frontalot. Enjoy


Make The Earworm Dance Baby Baby Baby

So I happened upon this music video just now while doing my usual daily computery stuff. I’m not familiar with this group not their work but that’s not really why I’m posting this anyway. It’s in French so the only English words I’d see flashing are BABY BABY BABY. And it’s sorta NSFW so be cautious at work. Enjoy!


Damien Rice Has Worms

OK so the title for this post shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s just some wordplay so if I’ve alarmed any Damien Rice fans I apologize. It’s a general thing I do when posting any subject matter related to an Earworm post. Such as The Blower’s Daughter, a Rice track that hit real big in 2001, and was included in the OST to the 2004 movie Closer. If you guys and gals haven’t seen it I urge you to watch it, as it examines the difference between Love and Lust. I watched that movie during a major pivotal point in my life. This movie opened my eyes and mind to things I hadn’t previously thought about or went through in the past. This was when I heard The Blower’s Daughter for the first time. I’m not a Damien Rice fan per se, but this specific track hit me the same way any single track from a random movie or perhaps show hits you; out of nowhere.

As I mentioned, the movie Closer dealt with issues of the difference between Love and Lust. The characters, from both sides of this considered spectrum, get thrown into situations that they can’t fully comprehend until something hits them and they realize what they’ve done at the end of their journey, if you will. I’m being purposely vague because I want you guys to watch the movie and draw your own conclusions.

The Blower’s Daughter is the perfect song to sum up all the emotional entanglements that the characters go through in the movie. The lyrics match the emotional heartstrings being pulled during every scene. It’s not really even a sad song. It’s more like the song that tells you what you’d expect when you’re put in a similar situation as the people in Closer. It’s a sort of “I told you so” and a “what you see is what you get” deal. Well, that’s what I took away from it.

I was dealing with certain feelings at the time this came out which is why it pertains to me so much. I thought i was feeling one way about something, and then i realized I was in deeper than I thought. These certain happenstances helped define the person I am today. There are also a lot of other events that took place that changed me back then but this is one of the significant times I can remember. It’s what set a lot of events in motion for me. Anyhow enjoy!

PS: Who says gamers don’t have feelings?? Hehe.