Happy Birthday to NekkedSnake!


I would like to wish our very own NekkedSnake a happiest of birthdays.  Enjoy your day bro, and hope there are many more.


Violence In Gaming ≠ Real World Violence


Let’s face it folks. Violence is everywhere. It’s an unfortunate daily occurrence that cannot be avoided. Whether borne of fist fights, stabbing, or gunplay, violence of any variety is and always will exist. It’s perpetuated in every form of media, most typically movies, some tv shows, even lyrics to a song, or words on a page. The specific medium though, that has garnered more attention, too much in my opinion, about this issue over the years are video games.

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RANT: Death To FB!


No fancy pictures or cool links for this piece folks. Just my thoughts and opinion. This article will be the first of probably many in a long line of future RANT posts that I have planned. What better way to start it off than to rant about something that seems to be integrated into everyone’s lives at this point in time. I’m talking about FB. (I’ll be referring to this social media site as FB because the full name is just too long and annoying to write).

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