MGSesque game Volume Announced

VOLUME is an upcoming game announced by Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell. It looks like a mix between a mobile game and very reminiscent of a bare bones Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions level. It’s a top-down game with stealth elements where the protagonist moves past enemy sentries while trying not to get spotted. Yep this definitely sounds like an MGS game. Compare the above announcement trailer with the VR Missions clip below.

One thing that does peak my interest about VOLUME is the apparent fact that gamers can actually create and share their own blocky levels. So it’s not only kinda MGS, but some Minecraft peppered in. I guess the only downside is that it is set to release in 2014. The upside is I have yet another game to look forward to in 2014. That speaks Volumes. AMIRITE?!

Source: Joystiq




So I got a chance to see PACIFIC RIM a few weeks ago. Giant robots fighting giant monsters? One word: Awesome! The escapist in me thoroughly enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. Every big action scene had me OOHing and AHHing at every turn. It was a welcome break from the mundane routine of life.


As I watched the movie I couldn’t help but imagine a Metal Gear Solid movie done in the same fashion, passion, and gusto. Hideo has mentioned being in talks with Avi Arad, producer of the famed Marvel Comics turned movies that everyone loves. Knowing this, and the fact that Hideo and Guillermo (director of Pacific Rim) have become quite close, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for a real MGS movie to come to fruition. Seriously, Del Toro’s foray into giant robots and monsters was practically a live action outing of MGS Peace Walker‘s ‘Monster Hunter’ boss battles. We all know MH is a Capcom IP but still, those Kaiju look a massive as the MH monsters. Another thing relating PR to MGS: the fact that those giant robots are called Jaegers. Hello, Frank Jaeger anyone?!




The coolness factor of Pacific Rim is exemplified by its cast of actors as well. I keep thinking that the whole cast can be on the live action MGS. It’s totally plausible!

Charlie Hunnam: Solid Snake (decent range, could play a gruff, semi perverted legendary soldier.)

Charlie Day: Otacon (can obviously play the nerdy tech type and add that Charlie Day flair.)

Idris Elba: Colonel Campbell (if Sam Motherfucking Jackson can do it with Nick Fury so can Idris Elba. Plus IE is a fucking badass!)

Rinko Kikuchi: Mei Ling (totally reminded me of Mei Ling in PR. Rinko has her look And has an accent to boot, even if it’s a Japanese accent.)

Robert Kazinsky: Liquid Snake (Kazinsky has that air of smugness he played in PR which can be employed when playing the arrogant Liquid Snake. Kazinsky also has an accent, albeit Aussie, but everyone knows non Americans can do other accents very well, including a British on as per Liquid. Also, Hunnam and Kazinsky look similar enough yet different as per Solid and Liquid, both being twin brothers with their own visual and stylistic differences.)

Max Martini: Revolver Ocelot (Max looks like someone who can play a triple crossing individual out for personal gain. He has this deviousness in his eyes that seem to elude to a wealth of knowledge that has to do with every conspiracy known in the MGS universe. Slap on some long silvery hair, spurred boots, and a pair of revolvers and he’s good.)

Ron Perlman: Big Fucking Boss (C’mon people. Ron Fucking Perlman? Blade 2? Hellboy? Alien Ressurection? (Forgive me for Alien Res, but RP was cool in that movie. If Liam Neeson was in Pacific Rim then I’d put his name here. Otherwise, RP is a bad motherfucker! He could totally play the older, short haired Big Boss running Foxhound and secretly, Outer Heaven. Put a nice eye patch and tattered trench coat on him and call it a day.)

All this is ultimately wishfulness but wouldn’t it be so fucking cool?! Also, picture the poster below, only with Metal Gear REX. Bad. Fucking. Ass!



Source: Hideo Kojima twitter

Solid Snake Says Something Somewhat Satisfying


Well it’s not really satisfying but pretty obvious. David Hayter aka Solid Snake aka Old Snake aka Naked Snake ak-motherfucking-a Big Boss, himself spoke on behalf of IGN about the reasons why the recently announced MGS Legacy Collection will not be released on the Xbox 360. Signs point to the obvious caveat that the media capacity of the 360’s current system only being able to run DVD format versus the PS3’s bluray capabilities.


I used to be one of those who wanted to keep the MGS series exclusive to Sony devices but grew up and realized that I shouldn’t be selfish and it’d ultimately be better if MGS were everywhere. And I own a 360 as well as my PS3 and am considering getting the MGS HD Collection on the 360 too. That’s how much I love this series. And you know what they say. If you love it set it free and if it comes back you play the shit out of it over and over again. Or something to that effect. Anyways you can get the full gist below.

In the clip Hayter reads off some interesting facts about Kojima’s decision to exclude any traces of a 360 version. Most notably that a Legacy Collection without MGS4 simply wouldn’t be a Legacy Collection. Good point Kojima-San.



Side note 1: I told Jezzanorris, who put me onto this interesting tidbit of info, that it’s very curious that Hayter himself, was reiterating Hideo Kojima’s explanation of the lack of a 360 Legacy Collection release, given the fact that Kojima has confirmed to the world, and all MGS fans that David Hayter will NOT be reprising his VO role as Big Boss in the recently announced Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It could just be because the Legacy Collection contains all previously released canon MGS titles, save for Portable Ops, which feature David Hayter’s iconic voice work for every iteration of Snake. Curious INDEED, aye Kojima??

Side note 2: For those who keep blabbering that Portable Ops isn’t canon to the MGS lore, I say drink some shut-the-fuck-up juice and research your shit. PO’s lack of advertising bravado as compared with PW media circus shouldn’t dictate whether or not PO is canon when it’s been brought up in MGS4 and PW itself for fucks sake.


Hideo Kojima Is A FOODIE


[WARNING: if you haven’t had your first meal of the day and are deathly susceptible to hunger pangs I suggest you turn away as the following content could render you Hungry-As-Hell. You’ve been warned!]

Hideo Kojima and his seminal series, Metal Gear Solid have been around for 25 years. Since 1987 Kojima has been redefining the franchise with every iteration and fans clamor for MOAR. But as much as the fans can’t get enough of the series, Kojima can’t seem to have enough to eat. So much so that he posts about his eating habits as much as he updates us on the current status of upcoming games. Here are just some of his more recent consumption endeavors:








NOM NOM NOM indeed!

Source: Hideo Kojima twitter

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection is a Go!


Well it looks like the rumors of an MGS Legacy Collection that a Korean site announced proved true. Apparently this collection will be released on PS3 and will include: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3 (also includes the first two games, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake), Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions and Metal Gear Solid 4. Also included are two Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel by Ashley Wood. So you can play the MGS Saga in order of release, chronology, or backwards. Though I’d suggest going in the order of release as every iteration updates their graphics as well as control scheme so by the time you get to MGS4 and PW the controls will be more westernized. The release date is roughly sometime this June so till then we can all just drool over this awesome poster below.



One-Eyed Snake


Looks like Revoltech is taking their Naked Snake 131 figure a step higher in the articulation ladder. Not only will this Snake be able to take on multiple poses, but he will also be able to articulate his eye, as the photo below points out. It’s reminiscent of the Hot Toys Version of the current iteration of Batman embodied by Christian Bale, whose head sculpt has fully articulated eyes as well. I can’t read Japanese so I don’t have any idea how much the eye can move, but looks cool nonetheless.




Hopefully I can snag one for myself so I can do a review on it.



Big Boss, Shut Up And Take My Money!


I hadn’t known about Revoltech until I came across this a few weeks ago while perusing the net. Turns out Kojima is working with them to make a new toy. This one in particular is called Naked Snake 131. Judging from the Sneaking Suit on the figure it’s really Big Boss from the PSP game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (aka Naked Snake from MGS3). Here are a few photos to show more details.







Here’s a comparison shot of my PAK Peace Walker Big Boss Sneaking Suit version next to Revoltech’s ‘Naked Snake 131.’ While my PAK is pretty posable and articulate, Rev’s looks even more so and might be even easier with those obvious ball joints at every articulation point. Knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, hips, Rev looks like they’ve covered all their bases. Heck, Snake can sit in a box realistically. Awesome stuff.


As for visuals, Rev’s version looks more highly stylized compared to my Play Arts Kai figure. The colors are brighter and the look is more manga/anime on Revoltech’s, whereas PAK takes a more realistic approach. Still stylized, the PAK figure looks closer to the in-game Big Boss character model from Peace Walker. With the Revoltech model I couldn’t help but notice that Naked Snake has a slight underbite. Or maybe he’s just sticking his chin out cuz he smells some rations or tree frogs. Still though, I would like to add this to my current, meager collection of figures.


My small collection of figures. Peace Walker at top, MGS1 at middle. InFlames’s version of Big Boss from Peace Walker called “MetalBoss.” The wife got this one for me! TrueType figures at flanks. (I was attempting to kitbash my own Snake and Big Boss figures but haven’t found time). Some Legos. TMNT nickelodeon figures not pictured.

The release date of these figures is still in question, although signs point to an April/May ETA. My wallet is wide open.

Source: RevoltechKojima twitter

Metal Gear Solid V GDC Trailer

Hot off the pressess from this years Game Developers Conference, Hideo Kojima show’s off the next iteration of his Metal Gear Series.

I haven’t fully seen it yet, but from what I saw, this is making me giddy.

Top Ten Ninja’s in Gaming

Our picks of video game ninja's

A ninja, by standard definition is a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox warfare.  In short, the James Bond‘s of feudal Japan.  By our own interpretation, the baddest mo-fo’s out there. Admit it, when you were a kid, you wrapped a t-shirt or some sort of cloth around your face, grabbed a stick, and pretended you were a ninja.  Ninja’s are one of those things that get passed on from generation to generation as being the coolest of characters.  From when I was growing up, we had Storm Shadow, and Snake Eyes to the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now, Lego’s Ninjago, and again, the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and in some cases, the aforementioned Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes with the upcoming GI Joe: Retaliation movie set to be released sometime this year.  In any case, in the world of video games, there are a bunch of ninja’s that grazed our screens.  Below is our list, in no order, 10 of who we think are video games top ten ninja’s

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