Who doesn’t like Deus Ex? I think we can all agree that we as gamers enjoy Deus Ex on some level. For me, I love it enough to figure out ways to run its PC version on my Macbook. The same goes with Invisible War and it’s prequel conterpart in Human Revolution, and so forth with The Fall on both my Android and iOS handset. Hell, I have Icarus Effect sitting in my ebook reader app, to boot. There were talks in the past about an official Deus Ex live action movie. While that only seems like a dream at this point, a fan movie has actually been talked about and has now gone live. I guess some of us LOVE Deus Ex more than we thought. Above you’ll find the full Deus Ex movie short set in the Human Revolution timeline with protagonist Adam Jensen about to crack some skulls. Check it out.




So this winter weather has got me snowed in yet again. I decided to make it a Netflix day recently and watched some Ultimate Spiderman and Avengers. Afterwards I scrolled thru the menu and decided to add Escape From L.A. to my list and boy, there are SO MANY things from this movie that Hideo Kojima lifted, I mean aside from the first movie, Escape From New York, that is. The elements don’t just extend to the first few MGS games, but even to MGSV. Realizing this, I thought I’d share with you all.

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Ok, Ok, THIS!!


Tell me you all aren’t hyped up for this. TELL ME!! Ole Cap (Chris Evans) is back this Spring as Guy Who Runs Around Looking Like A Human American Flag in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Check out the 2nd official trailer below:

Cap, Black Widow, Bucky aka Winter Soldier, Falcon, Fury. Need I say more?? This one’s coming at’cha April 4th, 2014.





So I got a chance to see PACIFIC RIM a few weeks ago. Giant robots fighting giant monsters? One word: Awesome! The escapist in me thoroughly enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. Every big action scene had me OOHing and AHHing at every turn. It was a welcome break from the mundane routine of life.


As I watched the movie I couldn’t help but imagine a Metal Gear Solid movie done in the same fashion, passion, and gusto. Hideo has mentioned being in talks with Avi Arad, producer of the famed Marvel Comics turned movies that everyone loves. Knowing this, and the fact that Hideo and Guillermo (director of Pacific Rim) have become quite close, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for a real MGS movie to come to fruition. Seriously, Del Toro’s foray into giant robots and monsters was practically a live action outing of MGS Peace Walker‘s ‘Monster Hunter’ boss battles. We all know MH is a Capcom IP but still, those Kaiju look a massive as the MH monsters. Another thing relating PR to MGS: the fact that those giant robots are called Jaegers. Hello, Frank Jaeger anyone?!




The coolness factor of Pacific Rim is exemplified by its cast of actors as well. I keep thinking that the whole cast can be on the live action MGS. It’s totally plausible!

Charlie Hunnam: Solid Snake (decent range, could play a gruff, semi perverted legendary soldier.)

Charlie Day: Otacon (can obviously play the nerdy tech type and add that Charlie Day flair.)

Idris Elba: Colonel Campbell (if Sam Motherfucking Jackson can do it with Nick Fury so can Idris Elba. Plus IE is a fucking badass!)

Rinko Kikuchi: Mei Ling (totally reminded me of Mei Ling in PR. Rinko has her look And has an accent to boot, even if it’s a Japanese accent.)

Robert Kazinsky: Liquid Snake (Kazinsky has that air of smugness he played in PR which can be employed when playing the arrogant Liquid Snake. Kazinsky also has an accent, albeit Aussie, but everyone knows non Americans can do other accents very well, including a British on as per Liquid. Also, Hunnam and Kazinsky look similar enough yet different as per Solid and Liquid, both being twin brothers with their own visual and stylistic differences.)

Max Martini: Revolver Ocelot (Max looks like someone who can play a triple crossing individual out for personal gain. He has this deviousness in his eyes that seem to elude to a wealth of knowledge that has to do with every conspiracy known in the MGS universe. Slap on some long silvery hair, spurred boots, and a pair of revolvers and he’s good.)

Ron Perlman: Big Fucking Boss (C’mon people. Ron Fucking Perlman? Blade 2? Hellboy? Alien Ressurection? (Forgive me for Alien Res, but RP was cool in that movie. If Liam Neeson was in Pacific Rim then I’d put his name here. Otherwise, RP is a bad motherfucker! He could totally play the older, short haired Big Boss running Foxhound and secretly, Outer Heaven. Put a nice eye patch and tattered trench coat on him and call it a day.)

All this is ultimately wishfulness but wouldn’t it be so fucking cool?! Also, picture the poster below, only with Metal Gear REX. Bad. Fucking. Ass!



Source: Hideo Kojima twitter